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Sleep Apnea and the Effect on Personal Relationships Atlanta, GA

Wayne G. Suway, DDS, MAGD, D.ABDSM

Sleep Apnea and the Effect on Personal Relationships

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is characterized by repeated interrupted breathing during sleep, with periods of being unable to breathe entirely. You may be aware of suddenly jerking awake if unable to catch your breath, but it is likely that your partner or loved one has commented on loud and continuous snoring. Being unable to get a full… Continue reading

Is Sleep Apnea Affecting Your Relationship?

snoring partner

It is commonly said that many problems in relationships begin in bed. You may think this refers to other activities that take place between the sheets, but in fact, disrupted sleep can lead to a dysfunctional relationship. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may experience several symptoms that will leave you tired, irritable and… Continue reading

Is Sleep Apnea Affecting Your Health?

The short answer is probably. About 18 million Americans suffer from this sleep disorder and of those, about 80% are undiagnosed. Both men and women suffer from the condition, even though men are at a higher risk. Babies and children can also suffer from the disorder. Those most at risk are people who are over… Continue reading

Is Stress Affecting Your Teeth?

sleeping man

It is obvious to many that living through this time of the pandemic is causing extra stress for many people. Studies have shown that some people are negatively affected just by hearing or reading about the uncertainties of COVID-19 and its variants. Other people are more directly impacted, either by their job or lack of… Continue reading

When Your Child Has Sleep Apnea

Child Sleeping

Anytime sleep apnea is mentioned, the image that usually comes to mind is an overweight adult who snores loudly and has very irregular breathing. While this picture is accurate to a great extent, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is not just limited to adults. Children can also have this sleep disorder. Obstructive sleep apnea is not… Continue reading

Tongue Ties and Sleep Apnea

Newborn Baby Tongue Tie

There are certain stereotypes associated with sleep apnea. In general, most people think of overweight men who snore through the night keeping everyone else awake. Of course, women also suffer from the condition and obesity is one of the most common causes. Another cause that seldom gets mentioned is tongue tie. Underneath the tongue is… Continue reading

How Dangerous is Sleep Apnea?

Sleeping Person

Casual conversations about snoring and the intermittent moments of non-breathing are often amusing and sometimes embarrassing for the person who snores. Although the stories may be funny, the truth is, sleep apnea can be a serious sleep disorder. Those suffering from this dangerous condition and their partners may smile at the anecdotes, but the reality… Continue reading

3 Reasons to Get Your Sleep Apnea Treated

snoring partner

People often make fun of or tease others who snore. While the problem can be amusing, it also causes problems that can lead to serious health concerns. Sleep apnea is not a laughing matter. Not only does it affect your sleep and your health, it also affects your partner’s sleep health. Two Types of Sleep… Continue reading

Women and Sleep Apnea

Woman Smiling

The sleep apnea stereotype is that of an older, heavyset male whose snoring rattles windows and sends his wife into the guest room to try to get some sleep. Although this picture fits for many sleep apnea patients, it is by no means the only representation. Women also suffer from sleep apnea and they, like… Continue reading

Sleep Apnea and Weight Problems

Man Having Trouble Sleeping

Sleep apnea can complicate a variety of serious health problems including high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Weight gain is another problem that is associated with this sleep disorder. Most people are aware of the connection between obesity and sleep apnea, in that being overweight can make the disorder worse. What you… Continue reading

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